Freda weighed eighteen pounds when she was born. Her feet were eachsix inches long. At ten, she was taller than her father. Five feet eleven andone-half inches standing in her socks. I can't keep you in shoes, her motherwould say, and they went to Woolworth's for men's cloth slippers. Her mother cut them open up front to leave room for Freda's toes. She'd stitch flowers inthe fabric to pretty up the seams,forget-me-nots and daises and yellow bushelroses. They sat beside the radio and listened to 'The Doctor's Wife and Tales' of 'the Texas Rangers' while her mother worked the needle. Some of your daddy'speo-ple are tall, she'd say. Your Aunt Mary had hands like a butcher. By God,her grip was strong.


Sometimes Freda felt her bones growing while she lay in bed. This was when the sensation was still new. Before it became as familiar as the pounding of her heart. The house was quiet except for the planes out by the base and Tishko, the Weave's dog, who barked at the moon and stars. That dog's got a streak in him, Mr. Weaver always said. I bet he's part wolf on his momma's side.



第一次干这种活,忐忑死了!我纠结于保持原文的语感和翻译文字的美感之间的平衡上。并且有一些句子里作者所传达的意思也并不那么确定,比如说Woolworth,我就直接理解成商店名称了,类似还有那个什么布谢尔玫瑰;第二段里面This was when the sensation was still new. Before it became as familiar as thepounding of her heart. 这句实在让我纠结了好久,我不太明白她的意思,读了好多遍(再结合上下文),才得出上面的翻译,却也还是不知道有没有将她的意思传达正确。


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